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Jake Housby
5/25/2015 01:40:01 am

Can you camp in this park? Thanks!

Chris Cupps
9/3/2016 01:18:06 pm

Would I be able to hunt within the park limits?

Katie McCullough
7/6/2017 02:11:40 am

Can you going swimming in the water at Bixby park?

REN edstrand
10/6/2018 06:46:44 pm

Is the cave ever open, or is it closed permanently? I have been a couple of times, and I thought that it was not bat hyper nation season, but I have never seen the cave without a locked gate.

Lynn fry
12/14/2019 03:05:02 pm

I lived around Edgewood all my life .i wounding why the dont open to the public to hunt and camp thats were they going make the park great for people to come and see .clayton count do have much public hunting grounds if they do open for public hunting no group hunting it no fun. When sitting out in nature watching how thing are . plz make open to the public to hunt and camp

Bob O'Riley
4/2/2020 07:01:19 pm

No, you can't hunt there. The definition of preserve is to maintain something in its existing state.


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